Conversion Solutions

INscribe Digital helps you manage your asset conversion by providing you with talented partners, the lowest possible rates, and a streamlined work flow from original file to retailer delivery.

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Global Distribution

We give you access to an ever-growing list of retailers, libraries, and book subscription services, including over 250 retailers and 20,000 libraries.

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Marketing Solutions

Our team provides critical marketing support to help clients strategically grow their business through our close retailer relationships, expertise in pricing and pre-order management and our effective use of third-party marketing services.

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Get access to robust marketing and live status information through INscribe's INstore tool, providing you with actionable information to drive sales and streamline your marketing efforts. Our Client Console provides sales trends and royalty reporting.

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Who We Service

We provide solutions to a wide range of clients including publishers, authors and agents seeking full service distribution and marketing, publishers with enterprise distribution needs, as well as non-traditional publishers and content owners seeking partners to help them bring content to market.

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News & Notes

May 26, 2015

Book Expo America (BEA) – The Book Industry Gathe...

By Anne Kubek, INscribe EVP/GM This week, the book industry will once again come together at the Javits Center in New York City for Book Expo America or BEA. It was twenty-six years ago when I attended my first BEA

May 11, 2015

Subscription White Paper

Unsure about offering your titles on eBook subscription services? Read our insights on the matter! Click below to read more:

March 31, 2015

Modern Perspectives on Old Traditions

This weekend millions of people around the world will celebrate two of the most important religious holidays of the Abrahamic faiths: Passover and Easter. Learn more about history, faith, and experiences through these great reads. To Tread on New Ground: