Conversion Solutions

INscribe Digital helps you manage your asset conversion by providing you with talented partners, the lowest possible rates, and a streamlined work flow from original file to retailer delivery.

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Global Distribution

We give you access to an ever-growing list of retailers, libraries, and book subscription services, including over 250 retailers and 20,000 libraries.

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Marketing Solutions

Our team provides critical marketing support to help clients strategically grow their business through our close retailer relationships, expertise in pricing and pre-order management and our effective use of third-party marketing services.

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Get access to robust marketing and live status information through INscribe's INstore tool, providing you with actionable information to drive sales and streamline your marketing efforts. Our Client Console provides sales trends and royalty reporting.

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Who We Service

We provide solutions to a wide range of clients including publishers, authors and agents seeking full service distribution and marketing, publishers with enterprise distribution needs, as well as non-traditional publishers and content owners seeking partners to help them bring content to market.

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July 22-25
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News & Notes

July 1, 2015

Subscription Services: Evolve or Die

By Anne Kubek EVP, General Manager The digital space remains an evolving and dynamic world for both consumers and publishers, particularly after yesterday’s announcement that Scribd, one of the most successful of the new eBook subscription services, will remove a

June 30, 2015

ALA 2015 Conference: Increase Your Visibility to Librar...

This past weekend we attended the American Library Association’s big annual conference in INscribe’s home town, San Francisco, and gathered up some fresh marketing tips! Our biggest takeaways from the conference: Librarians love independent and mid-tier publishers. They see your content

June 29, 2015

Foreword This Week: Shining a Light on Local & Ligh...

May 14, 2015 A probably disproportionate number of authors choose to live here in Northern Michigan and, with the great lake shoreline and dynamic seasons for a muse, compose their masterpieces. Then our independent bookstores take it from there, hosting