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Modern Perspectives on Old Traditions

This weekend millions of people around the world will celebrate two of the most important religious holidays of the Abrahamic faiths: Passover and Easter. Learn more about history, faith, and experiences through these great reads.

To Tread on New Ground: Selected Hebrew Writings of Hava Shapiro
Edited by Carole B. Balin and Wendy I. Zierler
[Wayne State University Press]
Hava Shapiro is among the nearly forgotten Jewish women writers who sought acceptance in Jewish literary circles of the last century. Born in Slavuta (modern-day Ukraine) in 1878, she published works of fiction, memoir, literary criticism, and journalism, including a volume of short fiction and a scholarly monograph on the Czech leader Masaryk. Her handwritten diary—the first known diary to be kept by a woman in Hebrew—evokes not only the momentous events of her day but also the experiences of women like herself who failed to follow the dictates of Jewish tradition and aspired to roles beyond those of wife and mother…

Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes
By Kenneth E. Bailey
[IVP Academic]
9780830875856 Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes
…Ken Bailey leads you on a kaleidoscopic study of Jesus throughout the four Gospels. Bailey examines the life and ministry of Jesus with attention to the Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes, Jesus’ relationships with women, and especially Jesus’ parables. Through it all, Bailey employs his trademark expertise as a master of Middle Eastern culture to lead you into a deeper understanding of the person and significance of Jesus within his own cultural context…

No Longer Silent
By Susan Dehn Matthews
[ACTA Publications]
9780879460037 No Longer Silent
The story of Jesus of Nazareth has been called “the greatest story ever told,” but what role do women play in that story? In No Longer Silent, author Susan Dehn Matthews attempts to highlight the women in the Gospels and provide the background behind those important women…

The First Easter Bunny
By Allison Schuetzler
[Publication Consultants]
9781594335044   The First Easter Bunny
The First Easter Bunny! A colorful array of watercolor illustrations with scripture references brings to life the unique story of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to his ascension into the heavens; all through the eyes of one small rabbit named Arnebeth. Included inside is a photograph of a real Israeli rock rabbit known as a hyrax just like Arnebeth!

Easter Story
By Rose Publishing
[Rose Publishing, Inc.]
9781596365681 Easter Story
…The Easter Story tells the most dramatic story in history. This eBook is drawn directly from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and tells the story of Jesus from the Last Supper and Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, to the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension — in 14 full-color pages…

Enter the Water Come to the Table
By John Mark Hicks
[Abilene Christian University Press]
9780891127161 Enter the Water Come to the Table
…Rooting this sacramental journey in the Exodus of Israel, this book shows how Jesus inaugurates a new Exodus from old creation into new creation. Jesus’ own baptism and table fellowship with his disciples embody the kingdom of God as new creation realities. And in light of Jesus’ death and resurrection, baptism and the Lord’s supper not only promise a future but they mediate a transforming experience of new life now.

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Losing Your Illusions About Selling Ebooks On Your Own Site

March 24, 2015

Editorial by Deborah Emin in Publishing Perspectives

Deborah Emin of Sullivan Street Press

Deborah Emin of Sullivan Street Press discusses the challenges of selling ebooks from her own web site and why she moved to using an ebook distributor.

As many publishers and writers are discovering, the ways in which e-books are sold to and read by readers have been altered by the rules and technical limitations of our various channels of distribution. We’ve been thrown out of our comfort zone and struggle to make sense of this digital world. Because, believe me, it is still terra incognito to the majority of readers and writers.

The many obstacles this new world creates can put small companies like mine —Sullivan Street Press — out of business in quick order. We began as an ebook only publisher, selling our titles from our site.

Starting with Assumptions

When we began business, we assumed that ebook buying would be as attractive to readers as downloading music and music videos had been. We falsely assumed that these early users of ereading devices would be tech savvy and curious about what possibilities resided in these devices. We also assumed that the environmental benefits of ebooks would be understood and embraced.

We imagined that digital publishing would lead to a new world of book design which would make possible new ways of storytelling, that innovative use of media would ultimately lead to a merger of game technology and narrative techniques.

Rather we still live in that same world we lived in when Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007. We have text on a screen. The radical vision we had hoped for has not appealed to many others in publishing.

Yet we in publishing keep blustering our way through the ebook marketing thicket ignoring all these creative people we work with. We could have changed how stories are told or information is shared if we’d recognized the inherent possibilities these digital devices afford us. There are two problems that arose in this vision of our future — the ways to monetize this innovative work had no precedent, and second, the alteration, hybridization, of storytelling has not received a formal credential from the owners of the large publishing companies. That is, no one had both the deep pockets and the means of distribution to show how to make this possible and profitable.

We are therefore left in this situation I described above — selling ebooks to a market we don’t yet have enough experience selling to while simultaneously locked into systems of distribution that feel rigid and confining.

The facts are the same. None of us have lived long enough in this new publishing environment to fully understand it. We’ve had more than 500 years to adapt to bound books. We’ve had less than a decade to adapt to digital publishing.

Some best practices have developed for now which favor those with a large enough list to be profitable partners with the large retailers. For us very small fry, needing to keep true to our mission, while also remaining in business, has meant finding partners to work with who also are willing to invest in what I see is our untapped potential for success.

Learning Valuable Lessons

When we tried to sell our ebooks from our website, we learned some valuable lessons. First, selling in a non-native environment is time consuming. But more important than that, we were pushing ourselves onto our readers, hoping to develop a relationship. Readers don’t bond with publishers. They occasionally respond to writers if the writer can spare the time to create those relationships. And web designers truly do not understand the book business and are frustrated by the demands selling from a site makes on their design considerations.

We have therefore this incredibly rich world we could be exploring but we don’t. Rather than producing new curricula to teach writing students about these creative tools, the industry’s shift to digital book businesses has been completely ignored in most MFA programs. Our creative efforts have, to me, shown a lack of understanding of what we have in our hands almost every waking minute and how it could be transforming education, politics, poverty, religion. You name your area of interest, the possibilities are more fruitful if we’d work in that direction together.

Partnering with an Ebook Distributor

We’ve looked towards our future and decided to partner with an ebook distributor who will work to get our books into as many places as possible, making it then our job to push lots of new books into the market as best we can. And to teach those struggling, like us, to change how publishing sees itself in this digital realm still so young and unknown.

INScribe Digital has become that partner able to push our titles as far and as wide as possible. They are efficient, affordable and practical in ways we could not do on our own.

When I first spoke to Larry Norton at INScribe Digital, I didn’t think we could afford to work with them or that we would receive the amount of support they provide. Now, I realize that we can’t stay in business and push the e-book publishing models we foresee without their tools being at our disposal.

For us to pursue this vision of what ebook publishing can be, we can’t spend our time struggling to get our books into the market. We need to write about and teach this vision in concert with those who can do better than we can to spread that news.

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Conversion Open Hours Recap: Front Matter Matters!

By: Stephanie Gomes

This entry is a recap of the March 2015 monthly Conversion Open Hours webinar. Conversion Open Hours are held on the first Monday of each month. April 6th’s topic will be: Think Reflowably!


Top tips for Front Matter:

  1. The Front Matter will be a large chunk of your eBook’s sample file at retailers (the first 10-15% of your file that customers can preview before buying your book). Keep it interesting and concise: include a few short advertising sections; share a few quotes of praise; move lengthy Acknowledgements to the end of the book; make sure the first 10% includes some of the first Chapter.
  2. Highlight your Front Matter (and Back Matter) sections by giving them their own Table of Contents entries. This gives the reader a link they can click on to take them directly to your About the Author, Also By, and any other advertisements that appear before and after the “meat” of the book.
  3. To retain the design of an ornate title page, have it captured as an image instead of reflowable text. Large text and graphics mixed with text will flow poorly and often spill onto 2 screens, so capture them as an image instead.

And now for the boring stuff (but important!):

  1. Self-published or eBook only publishers: Include a Copyright page, examples.
  2. Print to digital publishers: Don’t forget to include your eBook ISBN on your Copyright page.


Free for all topics discussed this month:

Cool tools for proofing your eBook files:

Sigil is a great tool for viewing and understanding the code and content of your EPUB files. At INscribe we particularly love the Tools –> Reports feature where you can see lists of all the links and images within your eBook file. You can download it here.

Calibre also has this reporting ability, but it takes a couple more steps than Sigil to get there and the display is not as fast. You have to first load the file into your Calibre library, then open the Edit tool, then go to Tools–>Reports. Download Calibre from here.

Feel free to contact me or your Client Services Representative if you are interested in the below the even more topics the group discussed:

  • Getting titles live for pre-order so you can use the retailer’s buy page during your pre-publication marketing efforts
  • Creating and distributing retailer specific files
  • Creating and distributing custom sample files (especially good for those of you with larger books and bundled books)
  • Affiliate links
  • Getting more reviews on your titles at retailer websites
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Press Release: Deaf Heroine Shines in Romance, Broken by Tanille as Part of Bestselling Romance Feature on iBooks

Tanille Bestselling Romance     9780978730284_IMGJPG_FrontCover_0

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ( Broken by New York Author Tanille Edwards is a young adult novel that stars Milan, the girl everyone wants to be but no one really knows. Milan finds herself in a burgeoning supermodel career right at the start of her senior year in high school. Nothing like expected, Milan is struggling to identify with her friends and family. Milan, like every teenage girl, is fighting insecurities. Milan goes to great lengths not to be known as hearing impaired. To top it all, Milan finds herself longing for a lost love.

Photo –

Photo –

Broken is a novel conceived in the new media era where books and music can be consumed on a single platform. Every copy of Broken includes a link to download the Broken Soundtrack that includes free music from author & singer/songwriter Tanille. Tanille makes the heart-throbbing longing for a lost love come alive in her single “Baby Comeback to Me” as part of the Broken Soundtrack. Broken invites readers to enjoy a new spin on Young Adult Romance.

To celebrate the Bestselling Romance status, Fire Flies Entertainment is offering Broken for $0.99 through February 21st worldwide, exclusively on iBooks:

Karen Adams
(212) 561 1654

SOURCE Tanille


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Press Release: ‘Locus Magazine’ Named the Novel ‘The Winter Boy’ to Its Prestigious Annual Recommended Reads List

The Internet Buzz about “The Winter Boy” (Pixel Hall Press) continues to grow, as it is featured today as an Amazon Kindle Daily Deal, lauded by reviewers and bloggers as “a masterpiece” and now recognized by “Locus Magazine.”

"The Winter Boy" by Sally Wiener Grotta
[‘The Winter Boy’ is]…a great book…in the ‘must read’ category for anyone who enjoys a cultural fantasy. ~ Charline Ratcliff, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

(PRWEB) February 06, 2015

Every February, the respected journal “Locus Magazine” publishes its annual Recommended Reads List. Its editors and other professional critics sift through the science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction published in the previous year, and select novels and short stories they deem worthy of special recognition. This year, Pixel Hall Press’s novel “The Winter Boy” by Sally Wiener Grotta is included in this prestigious list.

  • The Internet Buzz Builds about “The Winter Boy”

This recognition of “The Winter Boy” by “Locus Magazine” adds to the buzz that is building about this unusual novel which is steadily gaining attention from reviewers, bloggers and readers.

Even the marketing gatekeeper Amazon has given “The Winter Boy” a nod, featuring it as a Daily Deal in today’s Kindle newsletter.

As Wendy Delmater Thies wrote in “Abyss and Apex Magazine,” “[It’s] an amazing, tour-de-force literary work completely unlike anything I have ever read…. People will be studying and talking about ‘The Winter Boy’ for years to come.”

The public is welcome to download a significant excerpt of “The Winter Boy” at no charge, to read for themselves why reviewers are calling this novel “enthralling” and “intriguing.”

  • About “The Winter Boy”

Reminiscent of Margaret Atwood, Mary Doria Russell and Ursula K. LeGuin, “The Winter Boy” explores important political and social issues within a dynamic, character-driven otherworld, wrapped up in masterful storytelling.

The Valley of the Alleshi is the center of all civilization, the core and foundation of centuries of peace. A cloistered society of widows, the Alleshi, has forged a peace by mentoring young men who will one day become the leaders of the land. Each boy is paired with a single Allesha for a season of intimacy and learning, using time-honored methods that include dialog, reason and sexual intimacy. However, unknown to all but a hidden few, the peace is fracturing from pressures within and beyond, hacking at the very essence of their civilization.

Amidst this gathering political maelstrom, Rishana, a young new idealistic Allesha, takes her First Boy, Ryl, for a winter season of training. But Ryl is a “problem boy” who fights Rishana every step of the way. At the same time, Rishana uncovers a web of conspiracies that could not only destroy Ryl, but threatens to tear their entire society apart. And a winter that should have been a gentle, quiet season becomes one of conflict, anger and danger.

“…A deeply thoughtful book…very engrossing.” ~ Kelly Jensen, SFCrowsnest

  • Availability of “The Winter Boy”

Published by Pixel Hall Press in hardbound, paperback and all eBook formats, “The Winter Boy” is available from all bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBookstore.

  • About Sally Wiener Grotta

Sally Wiener Grotta is a consummate storyteller, reflecting her deep humanism and appreciation for the poignancy of life. As an award-winning journalist, she has authored hundreds of articles, columns, essays and reviews for scores of glossy magazines, newspapers, journals and online publications. She has also written numerous non-fiction books. Her fiction includes “Jo Joe,” a Black Bear, Pennsylvania novel. A member of the American Society of Journalists & Authors, Sally Wiener Grotta is a frequent speaker at conferences, schools and other organizations on storytelling, creativity, and the business of writing.

  • About Pixel Hall Press

Pixel Hall Press is a relatively new, old-fashioned small publishing house whose focus is on discovering literary gems and great stories that might otherwise be overlooked. Our mission is to publish books that energize the imagination and intrigue the mind, and to be a conduit between readers and provocative, stimulating, talented authors.

In this era of digital technology, Wall Street involvement and merger mania, many mainstream publishers seem to have lost sight of core principles and the purpose of publishing. At the other end of the spectrum is the veritable avalanche of self-published books that are notoriously uneven in quality. Small boutique imprints like Pixel Hall Press are reclaiming the heart and soul of publishing by reviving the idea that a publisher’s “raison d’être” is finding and nurturing great writers, and to provide readers with beautiful, meaningful, truly enjoyable books.

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Seven Keys to Digital Publishing Success: Case Studies from Innovative Publishers and Authors

By Anne Kubek and Kelly Peterson

Every publisher, entrepreneurial author and literary agent is aiming to launch the next bestseller. Many have spent years trying to hit it big by offering the first eBook in a series for free, or an eBook bundle for 99 cents. But after experimenting with various marketing strategies, their eBook sales too often plateau or peter out before achieving the ultimate sales goal. Worse still, few publishers know how to play the kind of long game that keeps sales ticking upward to give a book real staying power.

EBook distributors working with a wide range of content owners and retailers are among those with the broadest view of the strategies that are succeeding. The most technically savvy of these distributors are also innovating new tools with proven ability to extend a publisher’s marketing reach over many titles. But in today’s fast-moving digital marketplace, it can be hard to find key players who are also willing to share success stories.

At INscribe Digital, we work with a broad base of hundreds of publishers, authors and literary agents, whose successes underscore some basic principles that go a long way in laying the foundation for eBook bestsellers. Allow us to share some of our best insights with you.

Click below to read more:

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Creating eBook Bestsellers: Free eBooks

At BEA, Kelly Peterson moderated a discussion with three panelists, all of them influential in the eBook industry.  As a refresher, these are the panelists:

kelly panel

  • Erin Gorham, Digital Account Manager at HarperCollins
  • Nathan Maharaj, Director of Merchandising at Kobo
  • Susan Ruszala, President of NetGalley

The biggest takeaway? A four-part comprehensive marketing plan is key:

These four areas make up the foundation of success owned by big publishers. But small publishers and independent authors can take advantage of these approaches too.

Today, we’re going to wrap up our blog series by discussing Free eBooks. Please check out our previous discussions of pre-order, general merchandising, and discount merchandising.


The Best Things in Life are Free

Free books have been available to readers for centuries: the Library of Alexandria still lives on in legend.  Free eBooks from retailers serve the same purpose as the ones checked out at libraries; they help readers find new favorite authors at little risk.  That means that new devices bring new customers who will be experimenting with the eBook apps, comparing all the bells and whistles.

Nathan Maharaj mentioned that many Kobo customers download free books as their first reads, but then later move on to paid content, often by the same author. Free is a great way to find new readers for all your content!

Find Your Niche

Erin and Nathan both agree that genre readers are not just voracious readers, but they love free.  While the American Bookseller Association describes an avid reader as someone reading over 10 books a year, genre readers can be reading that many a month.  That means that they are always in the market for new authors, and are more likely to give an unknown name a try.  It could also mean that they need to stretch their budget a bit, which means that they will check out the freebies. Are you writing genre fiction?  This might be your gateway to popularity.


Three’s Not a Crowd: It’s a Requirement

There’s a little catch to free: it only works well for authors if they have more books available to sell. If you give your only book away for free, you might find readers – but they’ll forget about you by the time your second book comes out.  At Harper Collins, Erin uses free first books in series to support authors who have several books available for sale.  That way, the reader gets the first book free, but they’ll pay full price to see what happens next.  If it’s your only book, giving it away to likely readers just means they will never pay money for your writing…they don’t have an opportunity.


The Exception to that Rule…

Okay, there is one exception: it’s okay to give your only book away for free if you get something great in return.  Susan Ruszala told us about the best practices for NetGalley, and we concur; NetGalley can get you a lot of attention for your title when it is available for pre-order.  NetGalley provides access to librarians, booksellers, active bloggers, and people who review books on multiple retailers.  That free book can pay off in great publicity and attention.  It’s critical to reach back out to those reviewers once your book is on-sale to ask them to add their reviews to the retailer sites.


Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

If you’re going to give your book away, don’t forget to lead the reader to their next great read. Utilize your back matter to suggest more books, and let us create retailer-specific links to make it easier for the customer.  They clicked on you once; make it easy for them to click on you again!  Ultimately, that free book may be the best thing you ever did to find readers.

Thanks for joining us for our Creating an eBestseller series!  We look forward to providing you more great ways to drive your sales.

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Pixel Hall Press is Testing the Waters in How Pre-Publication Discounts Can Boost A New Book’s Amazon (and Other Websites) Ratings with the Help of INscribe Digital

Pixel Hall Press, a small boutique publisher, is using one of the Big Five’s strategies to make the public more aware of its two top Autumn titles. They will report on its effectiveness to help other small publishers.

Pixel Hall Press, a small boutique publisher, noticed that some books – particularly the top titles from big publishers – seem to automatically achieve high rankings on Amazon and other bookstore sites, before they’re even available for sale. But those rankings are based on sales; in other words on how many people have actually bought that particular book on that website. How do they do it? By offering the book for pre-order weeks or even months before its publication date.

“We have two books coming out this autumn that are so intriguing and beautifully crafted that they deserved every chance we could give them,” Cynthia Dadson, the Director of Marketing for Pixel Hall Press, explained. “So, I set out to see how we could use a prepublication discount to give Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories by Nancy Christie and The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta a boost right out of the gate.”

The problem was that small publishers don’t have the relationship with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple or the other book websites that larger houses do. “It’s like a closed shop,” Cynthia Dadson said. “You need to have a larger footprint, a bigger inventory of books, before those sites will even talk to you. And we have no intention of ever becoming large.”

Then, Pixel Hall Press signed with INscribe Digital, a major eBook distributor, who has a similar relationship with Amazon and other book sellers as the big publishers. Now, both books – at least the eBook editions – are available on discounted pre-order. On their publication dates, the prices will go back up to retail, the pre-ordered eBooks will be automatically delivered to customers’ eReaders, and all those sales will be applied to the books’ ranking that first day.

“It’s an experiment for us,” Cynthia Dadson explained. “Now, the trick is to get the word out, so Christie’s and Grotta’s fans can save money, support two great authors, and have the opportunity to read two wonderful works of fiction.”

About Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories by Nancy Christie

 TravelingLeftofCenter“These 18 stories… are complex, varying, and thoroughly imaginative, introducing a fresh voice to fiction that is both ironic as well as gorgeously gloomy… heart wrenching, and familiar.”

~Mary Sellers, “What Is That Book About

The characters in Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories are unable or unwilling to seize control over their lives, relying instead on coping methods that range from passive, aggressive, humorous and hopeful. But the outcomes may not be what they anticipated or desired. Will they have time to correct their course or will they crash?

Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories will be published in paperback and eBook (all formats) on September 9th. Until then, is it available as a discounted pre-order on Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other websites.

“Nancy Christie seems to have the knack of pulling off the perfect short story.”~ Suzy Wilson 

About The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta

TheWinterBoyReminiscent of Margaret Atwood, Mary Doria Russell and Ursula K. LeGuin, The Winter Boy explores important political and social issues within a dynamic, character-driven otherworld, wrapped up in masterful storytelling.

A cloistered society of widows have forged a centuries-long peace by training the young men who will be leaders using sex, reason and storytelling. But a young widow uncovers a web of conspiracies. And her first season that should have been a gentle, quiet time with her Winter Boy becomes one of conflict, anger and danger.

The Winter Boy will be published in hardbound, paperback and eBook (all formats) on November 6th. Until then, is it available as a discounted pre-order on Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other websites.

“The Winter Boy is an intriguing story that’s unlike any other I have read.”

~ L.A. Sherman

About Pixel Hall Press

Pixel Hall Press is a relatively new, old-fashioned small publishing house whose focus is on discovering literary gems and great stories that might otherwise be overlooked. Our mission is to publish books that energize the imagination and intrigue the mind, and to be a conduit between readers and provocative, stimulating, talented authors.

In this era of digital technology, Wall Street involvement and merger mania, many mainstream publishers seem to have lost sight of core principles and the purpose of publishing. At the other end of the spectrum is the veritable avalanche of self-published books that are notoriously uneven in quality. Small boutique imprints like Pixel Hall Press are reclaiming the heart and soul of publishing by reviving the idea that a publisher’s “raison d’être” is finding and nurturing great writers, and to provide readers with beautiful, meaningful, truly enjoyable books.

Press Contact:

Cynthia Dadson
Director of Marketing
Pixel Hall Press

Pixel Hall Press release on prepub eBook discounts with INscribe PDF

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Bestselling Author Eileen Goudge Moves to Digital-First Publishing, Signs with INscribe Digital for Retail Marketing and Distribution


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – New York Times bestselling novelist Eileen Goudge has signed with INscribe Digital for retail marketing and distribution of her forthcoming eBooks. The deal represents a bold commitment to digital-first publishing for Goudge, who has achieved significant success with her eBooks, after building her career in print with 15 women’s fiction novels published by Penguin Putnam and Simon & Schuster, including the perennially popular novel Garden of Lies, published in 22 languages. The new arrangement with INscribe Digital will start with the digital publication of Bones and Roses, a new mystery available for preorder at all major retailers now, and going on sale on August 5, 2014.

“Eileen Goudge is one of today’s most popular women’s fiction authors. We are immensely proud to support her digital publishing plans, as she picks up the gauntlet laid down by Stephen King when he published Riding the Bullet as a digital-only book,” said Anne Kubek, Executive Vice President and General Manager of INscribe Digital.

“I am thrilled to explore new roads in my writing and my career with this decisive move to eBook-first publishing with INscribe Digital,” said author Eileen Goudge. “I believe that there is a strong crossover between mystery and women’s fiction readers, and also that eBooks are the best way to reach them. INscribe Digital’s cutting-edge expertise with retailers, and in marketing to digital audiences, makes them a powerful partner in today’s eBook marketplace.”

Retailers such as Kobo are also hailing Goudge’s move to digital-first publishing. “As a digital retailer, we have seen a number of commercial authors achieve considerable success with eBook-first publishing. It’s exciting to see an author of Eileen Goudge’s stature going this route,” said Nathan Maharaj, Director of Merchandising at Kobo.

About Eileen Goudge

New York Times bestselling novelist Eileen Goudge wrote her first mystery, Secret of the Mossy Cave, at the age of eleven, and went on to pen the perennially popular Garden of Lies, which was published in 22 languages around the world, and numerous other women’s fiction titles. Bones and Roses is the first book in her Cypress Bay Mysteries series. She lives in New York City with her husband, television film critic and entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon. Keep connected with Eileen at

About INscribe Digital

INscribe Digital is a technology company specializing in next-generation e-publishing services and tools. Since 2010, the San Francisco-based company has distributed more than 30,000 ebook titles on behalf of authors and literary agents as well as major book publishers, and university and independent presses. INscribe Digital’s Athena content delivery platform provides maximum transparency in distribution and sales reporting. Through strong retailer relationships, the company also delivers customized marketing and sales solutions for diverse clients and a range of eReading devices. INscribe’s team of book industry professionals – together with its parent company, Isolation Network – leverages a decade of experience in delivering music and other digital media assets to leading retailers worldwide. Engineers also make up nearly half of the INscribe Digital staff, offering flexible and scalable solutions for eBook production, conversion, marketing and distribution. For more information, visit

Media Contact
Charlotte Abbott

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