Weekly Best Sellers: Week of June 22

We’re excited to introduce you to the first in our new series, Weekly Best Sellers. Each week we will share our top ten titles for the previous week.

This week we’re seeing a lot of grand-slammers: Bloomsbury Publishing came in the top spots with hot new releases by John Green and Sarah J. Maas. Charisma House leaped in at #6 and #5 with Jonathan Cahn’s series The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, respectively. Bestselling romance author Karin Tabke climbed her way to #7 with her wildly popular The Chronicles of Katrina. When’s the best time to visit Hawaii? Anytime! Wizard Publications, Inc. takes our last two spots with Maui Revealed and Hawaii The Big Island Revealed!

#1. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books

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“When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin-one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world. As she dwells on his estate, her feelings for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she’s been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow over the faerie lands is growing, and Feyre must find a way to stop it . . . or doom Tamlin-and his world-forever. Perfect for fans of Kristen Cashore and George R. R. Martin, this first book in a sexy and action-packed new series is impossible to put down!”

#2. The Whites by Harry Brandt

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Every cop has a personal ‘White': a criminal who got away with murder – or worse – and was able to slip back into life, leaving the victim’s family still seeking justice, the cop plagued by guilt. Back in the 1990s, Billy Graves was one of the Wild Geese: a tight-knit crew of young mavericks, fresh to police work and hungry for justice, looking out for each other and their ‘family’ of neighbourhood locals. But then Billy made some bad headlines by accidentally shooting a ten-year-old boy while bringing down an angel-dusted berserker in the street. Branded a loose cannon, he spent years in one dead-end posting after another. Now he has settled into his role as sergeant in the Night Watch, content simply to do his job and go home to his family. But when he is called to the 4 a.m. stabbing of a man in Penn Station, Billy discovers the victim is the ‘White’ of one of his oldest friends, a former member of the Wild Geese, who is now retired. As the past comes crashing into the present, the Wild Geese seemingly rise from the dead, and the bad old run-and-gun days of the 90s are back with a vengeance. Richard Price, writing for the first time under the pen-name of Harry Brandt, is one of America’s most gifted novelists. He has always written brilliantly about New York City, and this electrifying novel – fast-moving and stripped to the bone – marks a heart-stopping new departure.”

#3. Paper Towns by John Green
Bloomsbury Children’s Books

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“Who is the real Margo? Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs into his life – dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge – he follows. After their all-nighter ends and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. She has disappeared. Q soon learns that there are clues in her disappearance . . . and they are for him. Trailing Margo’s disconnected path across the USA, the closer Q gets, the less sure he is of who he is looking for.”

#4. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Bloomsbury USA

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“Susanna Clarke’s brilliant novel is an utterly compelling, epic tale of nineteenth-century England and the way two very different magicians, who, as teacher and pupil and then as rivals, emerge to change its history. In the year 1806, in the throes of the Napoleonic Wars, most people believe magic to be dead in England–until the reclusive Mr. Norrell of Hurtfew Abbey reveals his powers and becomes a celebrity overnight. Soon, another magician emerges; the young, handsome, and daring Jonathan Strange. He becomes Norrell’s student, and the two join forces in the war against France. But as Strange is increasingly drawn to the wildest, most perilous forms of magic, he risks sacrificing not only his friendship with Norrell, but everything else that he holds dear. An international bestseller published in 31 countries, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is a tour de force that has captured the imagination of readers worldwide.”

#5. The Mystery of the Shemitah by Jonathan Cahn
Charisma House

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“The book you can’t afford NOT to read. It is already affecting your life… And it WILL affect your future! Is it possible that there exists a three-thousand-year-old mystery that… · Has been determining the course of your life without your knowing it? · Foretells current events before they happen? · Revealed the dates and the hours of the greatest crashes in Wall Street history before they happened? · Determined the timing of 9/11? · Lies behind the rise of America to global superpower… and its fall? · Has forecast the rising and falling of the world’s stock market throughout modern times? · Lies behind world wars and the collapse of nations, world powers, and empires? · Holds key to what lies ahead for the world and for your life? · And much more….”

#6. The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn
Charisma House

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“Is it possible… That there exists an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future? That this mystery lies behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the global economy? That ancient harbingers of judgment are now manifesting in America? That God is sending America a prophetic message of what is yet to come? Before its end as a nation, there appeared in ancient Israel nine specific warnings and omens of national destruction These same nine Harbingers are now manifesting in America with profound ramifications for America’s future and end-time prophecy. Hidden in an ancient biblical prophecy from Isaiah, the mysteries revealed in The Harbinger are so precise that they foretell recent American events down to the exact days the 3,000-year-old mystery that revealed the exact date of the stock market collapse of 2008 the ancient prophecy that was proclaimed from the floor of the US Senate and then came trueand more. The revelations are so specific that even the most hardened skeptic will find it hard to put down. Though it sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller IT’S REAL. The prophetic mysteries are factual but revealed through a riveting narrative the reader will find hard to put down. The Harbinger opens with the appearance of a man burdened with a message he has received from a mysterious figure called The Prophet. The Prophet has given him nine seals, each containing a message about America s future. As he tells of his encounters with the Prophet, from a skyscraper in New York City, to a rural mountaintop, to Capitol Hill, to Ground Zero, the mystery behind each seal is revealed. As the story unfolds, each revelation becomes another piece in a larger and larger puzzle, the ramifications of which are, even now, altering the course of America and the world.”

#7. The Chronicles of Katrina  by Karin Tabke
Karin Tabke LLC

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“”Tabke’s edgy and delicious tales hold a top spot on my must-read list!” —Sylvia Day THE DARE Dr. Katrina Winslow has always known who she is: an elite scientist, a certifiable genius and ultra-reserved when it comes to love and relationships. So when a simple game of truth or dare offers the cool doctor the opportunity to shed her lab coat and glasses and put on a pair of sexy stilettos, she accepts the dare. But will shedding her inhibitions fulfill her every desire and help her discover if she can be truly daring or will it cost her everything? Two men, one a sexy stranger, and a night of no holds barred passion. DOUBLE DARE Since The Dare that changed her life, Dr. Katrina Winslow has hooked up, broken up, hooked up again, and run like hell, but her drama’s just getting started. Not only does she lose her job, but unpredictable and sexy-as-hell cop Simon insists they have fantasies left to explore. Simon’s a man who gets what he wants and he’s got Katy in his green-eyed crosshairs. Though Katy runs from him, she’s never further away than his fingertips, something he proves when he sexts her a provocative double dare. Will the prim and proper scientist resist the sexy cop’s thrilling texts? Or will she allow Simon to strip her bare and guide her closer and closer to what she truly desires? THE TRUTH Since meeting the enigmatic Simon, Katrina Winslow’s life has been one roller coaster ride after another. Deep down, she’s certain the man who rocks her world in bed just might be the one to save her career and earn her love. But with not just one but two women pulling him away, Kat fears the man with all the answers will never give her the most important one–that he’s hers and hers alone. Despite the secrets he must keep, Simon’s determined to help Katrina fight her battles and keep her close. She’s the most important woman to him, but she’s not the only one in his life. He’s already given his Cinderella back her shoes; will he lose her heart when he tells her the truth? THE CONSEQUENCE They have been dared and doubled-dared, and they’ve flirted with the truth, but as Kat and Simon tumble deeper into their sexual odyssey, their love for one another blooms magnificent and fierce. Soon their love is threatened but Kat’s certain nothing can tear them apart. Then duty calls and Simon’s betrayal is revealed. Will Kat run again or will she finally stand and fight for her man?”

#8. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books

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“Celaena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak—but at an unspeakable cost. Now, she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth . . . a truth about her heritage that could change her life—and her future—forever. Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. Will Celaena find the strength to not only fight her inner demons, but to take on the evil that is about to be unleashed? The bestselling series that has captured readers all over the world reaches new heights in this sequel to the New York Times best-selling Crown of Midnight. Packed with heart-pounding action, fierce new characters, and swoon-worthy romance, this third book will enthrall readers from start to finish.”

#9. Maui Revealed by Andrew Doughty
Wizard Publications, Inc.

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“”The finest guidebook ever written for Maui. Now you can plan your best vacation—ever. This all new sixth edition is a candid, humorous guide to everything there is to see and do on the island. Best-selling author and longtime Hawai‘i resident, Andrew Doughty, unlocks the secrets of an island so lush and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore with him as he reveals breathtaking trails, secluded beaches, pristine reefs, delicious places to eat, colorful craters, hidden waterfalls and so much more. This book and a rental car are all you need to discover what makes Maui so exciting.”

#10. Hawaii The Big Island Revealed by Andrew Doughty
Wizard Publications, Inc.

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“”The finest guidebook ever written for the Big Island. Now you can plan your best vacation—ever. This all new seventh edition is a candid, humorous guide to everything there is to see and do on the Big Island. Best-selling author and longtime Hawai‘i resident, Andrew Doughty, unlocks the secrets of an island so vast and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore with him as he reveals breathtaking trails, secluded beaches, pristine reefs, delicious places to dine, relaxing resorts, an active volcano and so much more. Every restaurant, activity provider, business and resort is reviewed personally and anonymously. This book and a rental car are all you need to discover what makes the Big Island so exciting.”

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Subscription Services: Evolve or Die

By Anne Kubek
EVP, General Manager
The digital space remains an evolving and dynamic world for both consumers and publishers, particularly after yesterday’s announcement that Scribd, one of the most successful of the new eBook subscription services, will remove a substantial portion of the romance and erotic fiction titles from their catalog selection. Here’s what Scribd said in their letter to publishers and partners, including INscribe:

We’ve grown to a point where we are beginning to adjust the proportion of titles across genres to ensure that we can continue to expand the overall size and variety of our service. We will be making some adjustments, particularly to romance, and as a result some previously available titles may no longer be available.

Scribd is implicitly acknowledging that their service has in some ways grown too successful to maintain at status quo, as journalist Porter Anderson points out in this helpful overview in The FutureBook. Subscribers are signing up and readers are reading – that’s the good news.  But we know that it’s highly likely there will be more changes ahead for eBook subscription services. Some companies simply won’t have the financial funding or runway to last. Others may not have the right selection offering, pricing or user experience, and will have to evolve or perish.

We don’t agree with those who are preemptively calling this the death of eBook subscriptions. Instead, it is ​a​ repositioning – something that we expect to see a few times before subscription services realize their full potential. Staying in the game will require tweaking the model, as Scribd has had to do. New options for subscription services could include tiered pricing for consumers, perhaps according to the volume of books a customer reads, or how soon consumers can access the best or most relevant content after publication date. As subscription services modify their author payment models, publishers could also create tiered pricing for subscription services, just as they have profitably created tiered pricing for libraries.


INgrooves Music Group

Publishers have typically had two comments since the launch of services like Scribd and Oyster. The first comment is that, given that the model was to essentially pay the publisher as if a subscription read were an actual sale, why not participate in the model? The second comment was that the model was just not sustainable in that form. So, it’s no surprise to us that the model is changing. It’s just a question of how much, when, and what new forms will evolve.

Our sister company, INgrooves, has a long experience with subscription and streaming models in the music industry, and tells us that this process has only just begun: existing players will evolve, early players will exit the market, new players will enter, and consumers will dictate which offerings win in the long-run.

Our guidance to our clients has been that authors and publishers explore and test the subscription market, and support services that make the most sense for their business model. We particularly endorse subscription services that pay authors according to the Suggested Retail Price of a book, rather than a share in a pool of overall revenue generated by subscriptions (see our recent white paper on the pros and cons of eBook subscription services for authors). We still believe that it’s worth looking for solutions that are more beneficial to authors and publishers than a pool-based model, and that dedicated subscription services like Scribd and others will find those alternatives.

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ALA 2015 Conference: Increase Your Visibility to Libraries

ala_logo_partnersThis past weekend we attended the American Library Association’s big annual conference in INscribe’s home town, San Francisco, and gathered up some fresh marketing tips!

Our biggest takeaways from the conference: Librarians love independent and mid-tier publishers. They see your content as high quality, unique, and fulfilling needs and wants across a broad spectrum of library patrons. Their only complaint: They’ll never discover your titles unless you make a strong effort to market them, so follow the easy steps below and you’ll begin to stand out above the rest.

Get reviewed

With millions of titles to choose from, librarians rely on reviewers to separate the wheat from the chaff. In addition to making sure you have customer reviews at GoodReads and Amazon (librarians really do pay attention to these!), submit your titles to popular blogs and publications that specialize in featuring independent publishers like Foreward Reviews.

Flex your local cred

Collecting the works of local authors is often part of your library’s mission statement. Email your local consortium and ask them to purchase a copy of your eBook. Let them know the ISBN and that it’s available for purchase through major library retailers like OverDrive, Baker & Taylor, and 3M. Once they purchase and create a MARC record for your title, you’re more likely to be discovered by other library systems.

SF Public Library Main Branch south entrance

SF Public Library Main Branch south entrance

Participate in library promotions

We notify INscribe clients of library promotions in nearly every weekly newsletter. As a member of a larger distributor’s catalog, your titles are eligible to be included in our library retailer’s genre, subject, and theme based lists, email blasts, and library purchasing portal carousels…but only if you nominate your titles. Again, once one library buys you, your visibility increases exponentially!

Enter contests

Librarians are looking for high quality content and if you win an award, you’ll definitely be on their radar. As with review services, look for awards that focus on independent publishers, like the IPPY Awards and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards.


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Foreword This Week: Shining a Light on Local & Light Messages Publishing


May 14, 2015

A probably disproportionate number of authors choose to live here in Northern Michigan and, with the great lake shoreline and dynamic seasons for a muse, compose their masterpieces. Then our independent bookstores take it from there, hosting local authors and setting up special shelves for their books. We’re lucky. We have supportive local bookstores and bumper crop of talented writers hidden in the woods.

But life can be tough for an indie bookstore, which might rather see a product churned out by the Big 5 fly off their shelves rather than take a chance on a local unknown. That’s why indie publisher Light Messages is sponsoring the Read Local Book Festival in Durham, North Carolina, this week to let indie booksellers and authors know that it’s easier than they might think to work together.

It’s all part of the mission of Light Messages, which focuses on books that not only entertain, but contain meaning, that shed light on deeper issues. Senior Editor Elizabeth Turnbull hopes the festival will spread to other local communities. Recently elected to the board of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Turnbull talked to FTW about the role of indie presses, local bookstores, and her INDIEFAB-nominated titles. Our conversation can be found below the news update.

[Read the full article at Foreward This Week]

Elizabeth Turnbull


Elizabeth Turnbull

First, congratulations on two of your books, Anung’s Journey and Crossing Savage, making the list of finalists for our 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards. Tell us how those two books fit into the overall mission at Light Messages.

While Anung’s Journey and Crossing Savageare both very different in style, audience, and content, they both have one thing in common. They are what we at Light Messages call “meaningful books,” which is to say that while they tell an entertaining story, they also have a greater truth, a greater purpose, and they drive their readers to ask important questions––questions about our world today, where we’re headed, and where we’ve come from. We always say that we’re a small, family-run press who prides itself on “meaningful books by emerging authors.” While most of our authors are still building their careers, every single one of them is writing books that matter––and I’m grateful I get to be a part of their journey.

You tell authors on your website that not everything is going to be a best seller, and that’s OK. Some books have a very specialized audience. But if not in potential sales, how do you judge the value of a book?

At the beginning and end of every day, we’re a business. We need to sell books to bring in revenue, and we need that revenue to keep the doors open. One of the advantages of being a small press is that we can run a lean business, so we don’t have to look at huge sales numbers to have a book that makes sense for us to publish.

How we ultimately judge the value of book ties in to our mission. Does a book contribute something to the reader, something beyond pure entertainment? We call the press Light Messages because, in a way, we hope that each and every book we release will help to enlighten the reader about an important issue. That being said, our books aren’t all heavy—far from it. The books we publish are packed with drama, action, love stories, but if you peel back the layers, you’ll find something more. That’s how we judge the value of a book.9781611531183_IMGJPG_FrontCover_0

You’ve been elected to the IBPA board of directors. With the recent rise of independent publishing, what kind of role does, and should, IBPA play in the industry?

Independent publishing is experiencing a surge, which is bringing a lot of new energy to the industry––energy that has to overcome huge learning curves. The business of publishing has so many more components than choosing good books and working with authors. There are issues of paper, binding, design, typography, distribution, shipping, analytics, and so much more. IBPA works with its members to lessen the learning curve and provide vital information and access to resources in the publishing world. As the largest association of publishers, IBPA has an immense bank of human capital to tap into for its members––that means that in addition to serving as a resource, IBPA is a leader in the publishing industry, helping to set important trends and fueling its members to stay ahead of their competition.

You sponsor the Read Local Book Festival in Durham, North Carolina, this week. How important are local independent bookstores to independent publishing in general?9781611530797_IMGJPG_FrontCover_0 (1)

This question is so well timed, and it addresses an issue that’s very dear to my heart as a partner at a small press. I believe independent bookstores and independent publishers are hugely important to one another. Absolutely crucial. But I also believe we aren’t doing nearly enough to work together, to help one another thrive.

I often hear indie publishers complain about how little shelf space they get from their local bookstores and about how hard it is to work with their local booksellers. I understand it, I do. We’ve been there. It is hard, and in speaking with booksellers, I’ve come to understand a little bit about why. There are so many complex issues that come into play, from distribution to wholesale discounts to returns––there are a lot of industry details that need to get worked out. The Big 5 have a smooth mechanism to get their books into the hands of small bookstores, and they have the marketing dollars to convince bookstore owners that their titles are worth the shelf space. Independent publishers need to get more creative about how we do business and how we can partner with independent bookstores.

Likewise, indie booksellers need to stretch beyond the comfort of the Big 5 and begin to see themselves as one piece of the literacy ecosystem––one very vital piece, but a piece that will cease to exist if the other members of the ecosystem aren’t also given the environment they need to grow and develop.

That’s the mission behind Read Local. The immediate emphasis is on connecting readers to their local literary community, but it also goes beyond that. Anywhere in the world is local to somebody. So wherever you go, visit the local bookstore and read the area’s authors. Your world will be richer for it.

Name some upcoming Light Messages titles you’re particularly excited about.

9781611531121_IMGJPG_FrontCover_0As an editor, I shouldn’t play favorites. In fact, I often joke that I’m a midwife for books, and I do love all my book babies. But if you were to twist my arm a little or perhaps buy me a drink, I’d confess readily that our two lead titles for Spring/Summer hold a very special place in my heart. These are books I still wake up thinking about with main characters I’ve come to see as friends, and I’m especially grateful that I can now count their authors among my nonfiction friends.

The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley
by Susan Örnbratt was released in April and has been met with great praise from trade reviewers and readers. Gillian Pugsley is one of most vibrant characters I’ve encountered in a lifetime of reading, and her “Gillianisms” are phrases I can only hope to have the opportunity to use in casual conversation. The prose is rich, the characters are deeply moving, and the story is everything that a life well lived should be.

The other book I find myself cherishing is A Theory of Expanded Love by Caitlin Hicks, which has garnered terrific trade reviews. I’ve been captivated by Annie Shea, the main character who is a precocious, sometimes tragic, always hilarious twelve-year-old girl who’s not afraid to ask the hard questions and then seek out the answers for herself when the adults in her life inevitably disappoint.

What keeps you up at night?

I’m the senior editor at a small press, which means I wear a lot of hats, from reviewing manuscript submissions to editing our next lead title to working with authors to maximize our marketing efforts. And when I don’t have my nose in a book I’m working with my husband to start a small farm that will serve the restaurant where he’s chef and owner. I wake up excited to go to work each day, but when the end of the day comes, there’s no worry my pillow won’t absorb for me.

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7 Tips for Pricing Your eBook


Choosing the right price for your eBook is important. Below are some quick tips to help you decide what price to pick:

  1. Digital < Print: Make sure your eBook price isn’t higher than the price of your print edition. Certain retailers have pricing rules that will remove your book from sale if this criteria isn’t met.
  2. Think long term: $0.99 is a great promotional price. But that is what is should be—promotional. If this is your regular price, then the only discount you can give your readers is free, which means less flexibility—and less earnings on promotions.
  3. Make it special: Save your “best” (i.e. lowest) discount for Daily Deals at major retailers. Amazon, for example, tracks the price of your books for the past two years. If you have placed your title at or below that “best” price, then Amazon won’t consider you for one of their Daily Deals.
  4. It’s all in the percentage: When setting your regular price, consider what an 80% discount looks like. Is your regular price high enough that 80% off falls between $1.99 and $3.99? (Especially if you are “saving” that $0.99 discount price for a Daily Deal!)
  5. Perma-free: This is a great tool—if you are using it to lead readers to the next books in your series. That being said, perma-free titles are ineligible for promotional placement on retailer sites (like “Great Books Below $3.99” or “Free Friday”) since this is your regular price rather than a promo price.
  6. Price parity: Give the same price to all retailers. Supplying different pricing will only result in price matching across the board and possible loss of major retailer good will.
  7. Pre-order pricing: Don’t change your price during pre-order! When your title goes on-sale, retailers will charge all customers who pre-ordered your title the lowest price. This means a short-term pre-order campaign ends up being applied across the board once your book goes on sale. Plus then you can make all of your pre-order customers feel the same level of special.


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INscribe Feature: Bay Area Spotlight 2015: Digital Winners In the Bay Area

We’re proud to be listed as a Digital Winner in the Bay Area by Publishers Weekly! Below is our feature in the spotlight, including an interview with Anne Kubek! Read the full article at Publishers Weekly here.

By Anisse Gross | Jun 12, 2015

INscribe Digital

The San Francisco–based e-book distributor Inscribe Digital helps more than 300 publishers and a select set of independent authors get nearly 50,000 titles out to a web of distribution channels through its Athena distribution platform, an ONIX-based system that “turns chaos into order.” The company provides strategic planning, file conversion and management, marketing expertise, and analytics and consolidated reporting, in addition to an evolving set of subscription services.

Last year, Inscribe released a new tool called Instore, which lets publishers keep track of their content in the supply chain and leverage retailer-specific information to scale their marketing efforts efficiently. “We see publishers like parents sending their kids out into the world without always knowing if they arrived safely at their destination,” says executive v-p and general manager Anne Kubek, adding, “Instore helps publishers keep track of their titles once they’ve gone out the door.” She notes that Instore allows publishers to track titles with critical real-time information that aggregates data about e-book titles.

Kubek calls this a “time of shifting sands for authors and publishers. Authors have more flexibility to work outside a traditional publisher relationship than ever before, but also are finding that they still need an infrastructure to support their efforts if they want to sell books and also protect their writing time. There’s a reason why publishers have existed as long as they have.” She says Inscribe works with authors and publishers to map out strategic sales plans. Kubek cites the digital startup Ink Monster as an example and says Inscribe helped the publisher grow one of its series to 250,000 units sold in less than a year.

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Book Expo America (BEA) Recap

by Anne Kubek, EVP/GM

As always, it was great to see so many clients, partners and colleagues at BEA. While the show was whittled down to two and a half days, the INscribe team was busy nearly every minute with meetings, presentations and events! We had many productive discussions with current clients on their businesses. Some clear themes emerged from our meetings, and the panel presentations in which we participated:

Expanding Channels and Markets Continue to Fuel Growth

Throughout the various panels and in meetings and on-the-floor discussions, we heard over and over again about the evolving trends in the marketplace, which we see first hand with our clients. There continues to be growth in the market through territory expansion, retailer expansion, subscription models and library services. We are continuing to work with our clients to get their content distributed broadly and to take advantage of ever-evolving eBook consumer consumption models. At INscribe, we are seeing fantastic growth for many of our clients in both the subscription services and library markets and we look forward to helping even more clients take advantage of these market expansion options.

Direct to Consumer is Getting More Important 

Director of Client Services, Kelly Peterson, moderated a panel discussion about Direct Sales with author/client and CEO of Ink Monster publishing, Christina Bauer, Founder of Aerbook, Ron Martinez and Kobo’s Director of Merchandising, Nathan Maharaj. The discussion focused on ways to build a brand that connects with customers, and to determine the best strategies for working both through retailer partners, as well as connecting directly with your readers. As a publisher and author, Christina focused on building that direct relationship with readers, recommending things like thanking readers on Goodreads for writing reviews, and responding to tweets and posts directly. Ron focused on leveraging tools like Aerbook and Aer.io to allow for easy sales to readers. And Nathan spoke about building the right partnerships with retailers to ensure you can leverage the broad expertise that retailers possess.


Driving Your Business is about Great Content, Strong Marketing Plans and Great Partners

We had lots of fantastic meetings with clients at BEA, reviewing their fall release lists and strategizing about ways to maximize sales. At INscribe Digital, we are invested in your success and look forward to these opportunities to work closely with partners to learn more about your business and what we can do to support it.


We look forward to seeing some of you at the Romance Writers of America Conference in July!

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Father’s Day Reading Suggestions

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, we thought we’d help you in your search for that great gift for dad. Why not try one of these great titles?

Bluebeard by Valerie Ogden
History Publishing Company

“Joan of Arc’s close companion on the battlefield, one of the wealthiest and most respected men in France, became a notorious serial killer, nicknamed Bluebeard…How could this happen to Baron Gilles de Rais, a Marshal of France, a renowned intellectual,a paragon of the high medieval prince, almost Renaissance in his talents and accomplishments?”

Crossing Savage by Dave Edlund
Light Messages Publishing

“As one by one the world’s leading alternative energy researchers are assassinated, Peter Savage and his friend Jim Nicolaou race against the clock to preserve the secret that promises to change the landscape of the world… or start a global war. In the timely, heart-thumping thriller Crossing Savage, author Dave Edlund presents the theory of abiogenic oil production and the terrifying array of unintended consequences that accompany the belief that energy independence can be realized.

Five Days of Fear by David Kovach
Light Messages Publishing

“During a family picnic, Jessica Britton’s well-ordered world is slammed against a brutal reality and her faith is tested when her mom is kidnapped, her dad is shot, and authorities can find no clues to begin their investigation. Jessica’s own anxiety and fear for her mother’s life compels her to help FBI Agent Dan Hamilton look for motives and clues that would lead to rescuing her mom. By chance, clues begin to emerge, and the once floundering investigation speeds to a hectic race against time and criminal minds in a desperate attempt to save Jessica’s mom and the lives of many in San Francisco’s business district.”

Bill James Handbook 2015 by Bill James
ACTA Sports

“The first, best, most complete annual baseball reference guide available. Full of exclusive stats, this book is the most comprehensive resource on every hit, pitch, and catch in Major League Baseball’s 2014 season–and includes player projections for 2015.”

The Hidden Language of Baseball by Paul Dickson
Bloomsbury USA

“Whether detailing the origins of the hit-and-run, the true story behind the home run that gave “Home Run” Baker his nickname, Bob Feller’s sign-stealing telescope, Casey Stengel’s improbable method of signaling his bullpen, the impact of sign stealing on the Giants’ miraculous comeback in 1951, or the pitches Andy Pettitte tipped off that altered the momentum of the 2001 World Series, Dickson’s research is as thorough as his stories are entertaining. A roster of baseball’s greatest names and games, past and present, echoes throughout, making The Hidden Language of Baseball a unique window on the history of our national pastime.”

Terminal Value by Thomas Waite
Marlborough Press

“Be careful what you wish for.” That’s a warning Dylan Johnson should have listened to. When his mobile computing firm is bought out by Mantric Technology, a red-hot company about to go public, it seems like a dream come true for the young entrepreneur and his partners. But the closer they get to payout, the more uncertain Dylan becomes.”

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Book Expo America (BEA) – The Book Industry Gathers Together

By Anne Kubek, INscribe EVP/GM

This week, the book industry will once again come together at the Javits Center in New York City for Book Expo America or BEA. It was twenty-six years ago when I attended my first BEA ​(although then it was called the ABA Conference after the professional organization, the American Booksellers Association, who put on the show). Things have changed a bit since then! Different retailers, fewer physical booksellers, and wholly different models of bookselling have emerged in the past two and a half decades.

But some things don’t change at BEA – it’s still the place that the industry comes together to meet, to deal, to learn and to connect.  It’s a chance to catch up with former colleagues, partners, clients and friends. It’s a place to learn what is happening and changing in our industry and to shape its future.

We at INscribe Digital are attending our fifth BEA as a team, and we are looking forward to meeting up with our clients and partners, and meeting folks that we hope to work with in the future. Our schedule is packed and our booth will be hosting lots of great discussions about ways to jointly grow our business.

Our Director of Client Services, Kelly Peterson, will be moderating a panel on DIRECT SALES FOR AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS on Thursday, May 28 from 11:00 – 11:50am in Room 1E10 with our valued partners Christina Bauer of Ink Monster, Ron Martinez from Aerbook and Nathan Maharaj of Kobo. We hope you’ll stop by to hear from them. They are all smart and entertaining presenters and we think you’ll learn some great things about growing your sales.

Please stop by our booth in the Digital Zone – #2157 – so we can say hi in person.

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Subscription White Paper

Unsure about offering your titles on eBook subscription services?
Read our insights on the matter!

Click below to read more:

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