Enterprise Solutions

Designed for large publishers with extensive catalogs, the INscribe Digital Enterprise Level Solution offers publishers a state of the art content management and distribution system that meets the complex needs of the digital market place.

Our Enterprise Solution offers:

  • A seamless, frictionless, rules-driven automated system
  • An ingestion process that systematically identifies, categorizes, and validates all incoming files and metadata to prepare them for distribution, matched to retailer specifications
  • A syndication system that allows for the simultaneous delivery of multiple versions of files to a set of retailers with widely diverse requirements
  • A version control protocol with streamlined archiving logic
  • A scheduling methodology that allows users to precisely – and confidently – pinpoint when and where different types of assets are delivered globally
  • A fully transparent system that enables users access to detailed information about the status and progress of file and metadata distribution
  • Actionable exception reporting that provides users with specific guidance on issue resolution
  • The ability to have reports sent to you via subscription, at the frequency and time users specify
  • A system built on a technological foundation with a ten year track record of proven stability and reliability
  • A software as a service business model that requires no special software to enable, allowing your team to easily manage changes or react to marketplace shifts