Web Services

With the ever-changing digital landscape, INscribe Digital provides you with web-based solutions that help you reach your online audience in innovative ways while maintaining the highest levels of security. By partnering with INscribe, you will have access to industry-leading direct-to-fan purchasing and asset protection services. Contact your client representative if you are interested in utilizing the services below.


The industry-leading platform MUSO scans the web to find every page where your product can be downloaded for free. Then through the MUSO user interface, you can select the files that you want to be removed.


EditionGuard provides you with access to the industry standard eBook DRM security without the costly capital investment of purchasing a DRM server. Upload your titles once and they are immediately encrypted and stored on the EditionGuard DRM server. Once protected, you can start approving titles for download and even host DRM protected titles on your own website.