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Books delivered by INscribe are all over the media lately, and we’re thrilled. Here at INscribe we are fortunate to work with many innovative and dedicated partners who are pushing the boundaries of digital publishing and appropriately getting recognized for doing so.

Today in the Shatzkin Files, Michael Shatzkin discusses how Hollywood is taking a leap into digital publishing and highlighting some of the fascinating and forward thinking organizations that are paving new ground for the Arts. Michael could not have found a better representative then the one and only Trond Knutsen of LA Theatre Works.

INscribe was fortunate to have partnered with Trond and LATW in August of 2011.  Since then the LATW team has reinvented the way classic plays like “Macbeth,” “The Importance of Being Ernest” and “Hamlet” are read and taught in and out of the classroom. Leveraging their unique catalog of over 200 audio performances, Trond recognized the opportunity to marry their massive audio collection with classical public domain scripts to produce Enhanced eBooks. Through trial and error and a little help from INscribe partner RedStaple, the LATW team has produced 8 fantastic titles that are currently available at a promotional price of $1.99 on the iBookstore.

Ethan Russell may be best known for his famous album covers for The Who, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, but that may not be true for long. Ethan has recently released his new eBook “Ethan Russell An American Story: It’s Your History. Help Write It”. Ethan has dedicated himself to an e-only approach and has taken the reading experience to new levels. Not only does Ethan’s book include never before seen photographs of Rock ‘n’ Roll legends from The Beatles to Janis Joplin, but the book is also accompanied by a live blog where readers can interact with one another and share the stories (that they remember) about some of the most pivotal moments in American history.

Ethan has been featured all over the media lately at The Wall Street JournalCNN – Morning AmericaYahoo TV and the Daily Beast. Ethan’s title made it to the INscribe Top 10 list on every retailer where the title is available in the first week of sales and we expect that trend to continue!

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