Minimalist Parenting: Keep It Simple

Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest provide an alternative approach to parenting in today’s modern age. The magic bullet? Trust your instincts understand that “you already have everything you need to be an amazing parent. You already have enough time, stuff, knowledge, confidence, and love to give your kids a running start on a happy adulthood.”

Minimalist Parenting, has garnered significant publicity and press in recent weeks, including a feature on the New York Times Motherlode Blog, and features on the Huffington Post and the Today Show. The authors have struck a chord with many parents and have created a platform that allows them to provide their audience with supplemental content and information that goes beyond just the book.

Join a MinCamp, a free companion workshop that helps parents manage time, handle clutter, simplify mealtime and make time for self-care.  Access the Minimalist Parenting resource guide for helpful links and continued reading.  Finally, helpful tips on how you can conquer the hectic holidays with guidance on table arrangements, gifting, and creating fun and easy activities for the family to enjoy are provided.

The stress you’re feeling? It isn’t because you’re doing something wrong…it’s because you are allowing parenting culture to tell you that you need to do too much. Rethink your parenting approach and pick up your copy of Minimalist Parenting today!

“Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less” by Christine Koh, Asha Dornfest on Ganxy//

About Christine Koh:  Boston lifer – a music and brain scientist turned writer, editor, designer, consultant, and impassioned conversationalist. She spent a decade in academia – during which time she was awarded prestigious fellowships from the National Institutes of Health to fund her Ph.D. research at Queen’s University and joint-appointment postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Institutes of Technology.

About Asha Dornfest: lives in Portland, Oregon and is the founder and editor of Parent Hacks, a community-driven website that publishes tips, recommendations, workarounds, and practical wisdom about everyday parenting quandaries. She also writes The Accidental Expert at, and was one of the original panelists in the popular video series Momversation.

About Bibliomotion: Publisher of Minimalist Parenting. Bibliomotion is a book publishing house designed for the new publishing landscape. While many publishers work to retrofit old processes for new realities, Bibliomotion was founded by book-industry veterans who believe the best approach is a fresh one – one that focuses on empowering authors and serving readers above all else.