INscribe Digital Launches Tool for Tracking eBook Availability at Major Retailers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 15, 2014 – Leading e-publishing services company INscribe Digital has launched INstore, the first tool to allow publishers to track the real-time availability of newly published eBooks at key retailers, including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. In addition, the INstore dashboard aggregates key retail data such as eBook purchase links and ISBNs, which make it easy for publishers to scale their marketing efforts at launch and beyond.

“With INstore, publishers can now get a snapshot of eBook availability across the major retail channels on one dashboard, and avoid lost sales due to incorrect files or data,” said Anne Kubek, INscribe Digital Executive Vice President and General Manager. “INstore is also an immensely powerful database that allows publishers and third-party partners to filter large quantities of data that can power their sales and marketing engines in new ways that drive revenue.”

INscribe Digital’s publishing partners who have tested INstore, including Kensington Books and Courier Publishing, agree that it delivers significant value. “INstore is a simple and powerful tool that has been a huge help in ensuring our content is available to readers, as well as providing a single database of retailer-specific title information that can be utilized across the web for promotion and social media,” said Alexandra Nicolajsen, Associate Director of Social Media & Digital Sales, Kensington Publishing.

“INstore is simple to use and provides immediate assurance that my titles are live at all the major retailers. When there are issues, I can react quickly and minimize lost revenue. That’s powerful,” added Carol Meaney, eBook Manager, Courier Publishing.

Third-party developers who are creating marketing tools for publishers are also capitalizing on the power of INstore. “I knew that INstore was a powerful tool the minute I saw it,” said Ron Martinez, founder of the digital publishing and commerce platform Aerbook, “INstore integration with Aerbook allows large volume publishers to easily and efficiently set up a wide range of eBooks at scale, to deliver instantly readable samples that direct buyers to live retail product pages within any social stream or app, on any device.”

INstore Tool Feature List

  • Monitors eBook live status at key industry retailers in one dashboard
  • Identifies unavailable titles due to missing sales pages or incorrect data
  • Tracks an entire catalog or customized title list
  • Notifies users when content status changes
  • Aggregates page links needed for marketing or content file creation
  • Refreshes within seconds, in real time
  • Allows data reports to be exported into CSV and filtered from there
  • Click to watch a short demo video (1 min, 30 sec; use full screen mode)

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