Pixel Hall Press is Testing the Waters in How Pre-Publication Discounts Can Boost A New Book’s Amazon (and Other Websites) Ratings with the Help of INscribe Digital

Pixel Hall Press, a small boutique publisher, is using one of the Big Five’s strategies to make the public more aware of its two top Autumn titles. They will report on its effectiveness to help other small publishers.

Pixel Hall Press, a small boutique publisher, noticed that some books – particularly the top titles from big publishers – seem to automatically achieve high rankings on Amazon and other bookstore sites, before they’re even available for sale. But those rankings are based on sales; in other words on how many people have actually bought that particular book on that website. How do they do it? By offering the book for pre-order weeks or even months before its publication date.

“We have two books coming out this autumn that are so intriguing and beautifully crafted that they deserved every chance we could give them,” Cynthia Dadson, the Director of Marketing for Pixel Hall Press, explained. “So, I set out to see how we could use a prepublication discount to give Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories by Nancy Christie and The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta a boost right out of the gate.”

The problem was that small publishers don’t have the relationship with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple or the other book websites that larger houses do. “It’s like a closed shop,” Cynthia Dadson said. “You need to have a larger footprint, a bigger inventory of books, before those sites will even talk to you. And we have no intention of ever becoming large.”

Then, Pixel Hall Press signed with INscribe Digital, a major eBook distributor, who has a similar relationship with Amazon and other book sellers as the big publishers. Now, both books – at least the eBook editions – are available on discounted pre-order. On their publication dates, the prices will go back up to retail, the pre-ordered eBooks will be automatically delivered to customers’ eReaders, and all those sales will be applied to the books’ ranking that first day.

“It’s an experiment for us,” Cynthia Dadson explained. “Now, the trick is to get the word out, so Christie’s and Grotta’s fans can save money, support two great authors, and have the opportunity to read two wonderful works of fiction.”

About Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories by Nancy Christie

 TravelingLeftofCenter“These 18 stories… are complex, varying, and thoroughly imaginative, introducing a fresh voice to fiction that is both ironic as well as gorgeously gloomy… heart wrenching, and familiar.”

~Mary Sellers, “What Is That Book About

The characters in Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories are unable or unwilling to seize control over their lives, relying instead on coping methods that range from passive, aggressive, humorous and hopeful. But the outcomes may not be what they anticipated or desired. Will they have time to correct their course or will they crash?

Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories will be published in paperback and eBook (all formats) on September 9th. Until then, is it available as a discounted pre-order on Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other websites.

“Nancy Christie seems to have the knack of pulling off the perfect short story.”~ Suzy Wilson 

About The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta

TheWinterBoyReminiscent of Margaret Atwood, Mary Doria Russell and Ursula K. LeGuin, The Winter Boy explores important political and social issues within a dynamic, character-driven otherworld, wrapped up in masterful storytelling.

A cloistered society of widows have forged a centuries-long peace by training the young men who will be leaders using sex, reason and storytelling. But a young widow uncovers a web of conspiracies. And her first season that should have been a gentle, quiet time with her Winter Boy becomes one of conflict, anger and danger.

The Winter Boy will be published in hardbound, paperback and eBook (all formats) on November 6th. Until then, is it available as a discounted pre-order on Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other websites.

“The Winter Boy is an intriguing story that’s unlike any other I have read.”

~ L.A. Sherman

About Pixel Hall Press

Pixel Hall Press is a relatively new, old-fashioned small publishing house whose focus is on discovering literary gems and great stories that might otherwise be overlooked. Our mission is to publish books that energize the imagination and intrigue the mind, and to be a conduit between readers and provocative, stimulating, talented authors.

In this era of digital technology, Wall Street involvement and merger mania, many mainstream publishers seem to have lost sight of core principles and the purpose of publishing. At the other end of the spectrum is the veritable avalanche of self-published books that are notoriously uneven in quality. Small boutique imprints like Pixel Hall Press are reclaiming the heart and soul of publishing by reviving the idea that a publisher’s “raison d’être” is finding and nurturing great writers, and to provide readers with beautiful, meaningful, truly enjoyable books.

Press Contact:

Cynthia Dadson
Director of Marketing
Pixel Hall Press

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