White Paper: Seven Keys to Digital Publishing Success: Case Studies from Innovative Publishers and Authors

By Anne Kubek and Kelly Peterson

Every publisher, entrepreneurial author and literary agent is aiming to launch the next bestseller, but few know how to play the kind of long game that keeps sales ticking upward to give a book real staying power. Planning ahead for pre-orders, price promotions, and ongoing social media campaigns are just a few of the keys to long-term success. And sometimes the smallest companies are the biggest innovators.

At INscribe Digital, we have a broad view of the most effective market strategies, based on our close relationships with a wide range of content owners, authors and top retailers. This whitepaper shares some of our best insights on how to lay the foundation for an eBook bestseller – and also includes a detailed case study on how a new company went from zero to $100,000 in digital sales in one year.