INscribe Feature: Bay Area Spotlight 2015: Digital Winners In the Bay Area

We’re proud to be listed as a Digital Winner in the Bay Area by Publishers Weekly! Below is our feature in the spotlight, including an interview with Anne Kubek! Read the full article at Publishers Weekly here.

By Anisse Gross | Jun 12, 2015

INscribe Digital

The San Francisco–based e-book distributor Inscribe Digital helps more than 300 publishers and a select set of independent authors get nearly 50,000 titles out to a web of distribution channels through its Athena distribution platform, an ONIX-based system that “turns chaos into order.” The company provides strategic planning, file conversion and management, marketing expertise, and analytics and consolidated reporting, in addition to an evolving set of subscription services.

Last year, Inscribe released a new tool called Instore, which lets publishers keep track of their content in the supply chain and leverage retailer-specific information to scale their marketing efforts efficiently. “We see publishers like parents sending their kids out into the world without always knowing if they arrived safely at their destination,” says executive v-p and general manager Anne Kubek, adding, “Instore helps publishers keep track of their titles once they’ve gone out the door.” She notes that Instore allows publishers to track titles with critical real-time information that aggregates data about e-book titles.

Kubek calls this a “time of shifting sands for authors and publishers. Authors have more flexibility to work outside a traditional publisher relationship than ever before, but also are finding that they still need an infrastructure to support their efforts if they want to sell books and also protect their writing time. There’s a reason why publishers have existed as long as they have.” She says Inscribe works with authors and publishers to map out strategic sales plans. Kubek cites the digital startup Ink Monster as an example and says Inscribe helped the publisher grow one of its series to 250,000 units sold in less than a year.