INscribe’s Summer of Conference Romance

by Kelly Peterson, Director, Client Services

It has been a great whirlwind summer, and now INscribe Digital is looking forward to RWA 2015 in NYC. Kelly Peterson, Director of Client Services will be attending the show, along with Larry Norton, SVP Business Development. This will be the second Romance conference of the season, as Kelly was also at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention back in May. Here are her biggest takeaways from RT to bring to NYC:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

1. Facebook ads aren’t always worth it. The secret to getting the most bang for your buck is with an uber targeted approach. ie Focus on “fans of Twilight” or “women between the ages of 24-32” who are also “residents of 90210”.The uber targeted approach


2. Sample chapters in the back of your book are huge up-sell tools. Even better, add retailer specific buy links. Turn your book into a one-click shopping experience to maximize your sales, especially within a series.7-13-2015-11-44-25-AM-b8f6

3. If you publish Print-On-Demand files, you need to think local to grow global. While digital is a global marketplace it is even more important not to ignore your local booksellers. Forge positive relationships and they will pay it forward by supporting your titles and putting them directly into new readers’ hands.

4. Retailers are your biggest advocates. INscribe clients had the opportunity to meet with iBooks merchandising reps in a cozy conversational setting in Dallas. And we look forward to hosting another iBooks meeting for our clients at RWA as well.IMG_8032 (1)

We are looking forward to turning up the heat with more romance in NYC at RWA! RWA