Learn to Create Audiobooks with Becky Parker Geist and Joel Friedlander

By Peter Eder - Foto von Peter Eder, Public DomainAudiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry, with industry leaders projecting 40% growth over last year, following an unprecedented 31% growth 2015-2016. This is prime time for making sure your book is also in the audiobook distribution channels!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

But many independent authors are uncertain about where to start. Should you narrate the book yourself or get a professional to do it? What are the challenges with doing it yourself, and how could you prepare yourself for success? What options are available? How do you figure out if it will be worth the time and cost and effort? Where can you turn for guidance and answers to all those questions that keep you from moving forward and getting it done?

Audiobook expert Becky Parker Geist, who also serves as President of Bay Area Independent Publishers Assn, will be joining Joel Friedlander, an independent publishing industry leader, for a live, information-rich webinar on Wednesday, March 16 at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST. Spaces are limited and they fill up fast! Claim your spot and register for the webinar here.