The Dark Rituals: Full Fathom Five launches Wattpad original series

By: Kayla Overbey Full Fathom Five Digital is always on the lookout for great content that has an established fanbase, namely online fanfiction and original fiction published in community forums like and Wattpad. Coming this October is the launch

Ink Monster’s Top Five Tips for Indie Authors

Aileen Erin is Editorial Monster, Writing Monster at Ink Monster LLC, an independent publishing house that focuses on New Adult Romance in the genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and kick-ass heroines.  Recently, I’ve been asked the question of

Mark LeFebvre Shares His Thoughts from RWA 2015

Mark Lefebvre, Director of Self Publishing & Author Relations at Kobo, was a speaker on the How To Create Romance eBook Bestsellers panel at the recent Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference. The panel discussed a wide range of topics