Using Back Matter to Sell More Books [Infographic] (from Bookbub)

Original post by Bookbub MARCH 29, 2017 by DIANA URBAN An ebook’s back matter — the pages that follow the end of the narrative — is prime real estate for promoting other books. We surveyed 250 authors to gather data

Frank Rodgers: Cartoon Art School

By: Frank Rodgers I’ve presented hundreds of talks on my work as a children’s author and illustrator over the years to both children and adults at schools and libraries and book festivals. An important feature of those talks was drawing

Learn to Create Audiobooks with Becky Parker Geist and Joel Friedlander

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry, with industry leaders projecting 40% growth over last year, following an unprecedented 31% growth 2015-2016. This is prime time for making sure your book is also in the audiobook distribution