Get access to robust marketing and live status information through INscribe’s INstore tool, which provides you with actionable information to drive sales and streamline your marketing efforts. Our Client Console provides sales trends and royalty reporting.


INstore: Your Marketing Analytics Tool Kit for tracking your titles in real time. It is an invaluable tool kit for anyone working in digital distribution, sales, or marketing.

Real time Retailer Data

  • Know when titles go live.
  • One-stop visibility of customer pricing.
  • See current rankings, ratings, number of reviews.

Marketing Support

  • Easy access to product pages and buy links.
  • At-at-glance comparison of title performance.


  • Export and sort all data.
  • Data mining opportunities never before available.


  • Be alerted when titles go live or go off sale.
  • Choose between immediate or once-a-day notifications.


  • Track data across multiple territories.

Sales & Statement Reporting Dashboard

  • INscribe clients have access to analytic tools and our reporting dashboard with daily eBook sales, sales statements, and real-time market data.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Aggregated sales data and consolidated monthly royalty statements are available to clients 24/7.
  • View top sellers, news, access the Athena distribution platform, and more.
  • Access sales analytics, export aggregated daily eBook sales reports, monthly sales statements, and more.
  • View where your content has been delivered and when.
  • Monthly royalty payments.