Marketing Solutions

eBook Marketing

INscribe Digital provides critical marketing support to help our publisher partners strategically grow their business through our close retailer relationships, expertise in pricing and pre-order management, and our effective use of third-party marketing services.

INscribe Digital’s base marketing service package includes:

  • Opportunities to feature pre-order and new releases on retailer storefronts;
  • Eligibility for pre-order as far as a year in advance at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo without requiring a file;
  • Ability to participate in value promotions like Kindle Daily Deals, Nook Daily Find, and other features;
  • Expert advice for pricing strategies for the most impact;
  • Consultation on publishing strategy and future growth, and support through retailer outreach.*

Print Book Marketing

INdemand title marketing ranges from data distribution to advertising access in wholesaler catalogs. We also allow our publisher partners to print and ship titles for events at wholesale costs, and even have a full sales team to promote selected titles. Pre-order Management

We know that pre-order is a tremendous advantage for large publishers, and it can be for our clients as well! We can get your titles up for pre-order as far as a year in advance at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo without requiring a file. Start gathering sales well in advance of your title’s release!

NEW! eBook Marketing Package*

Because a book’s launch is critical, INscribe Digital offers an exclusive opportunity to leverage our best service offerings in a unified package, all at one low price. It gives your book its best chance of success, and allows you to fully utilize the expertise of the INscribe team. This package includes:

  • 1 month of NetGalley.
  • Guaranteed pitches to retailer about your title.
  • 1 hour consultation to review your cover, metadata, and other marketing opportunities.
  • 3 months of INstore, a dynamic retail monitoring tool.
  • 6 different versions of your files, with retailer specific back matter.
  • A TextCafe social media sample, allowing instant sharing and retailer buy links on every page.

Marketing Services Parterns*

INscribe Digital connects you with trusted partners for additional services, including:

  • NetGalley – Access to NetGalley a month at a time, with no commitments.
  • TextCafe – Social sharing samples perfect for generating interest in your title.
  • INstore – A dynamic retailer reporting service that gives you retailer live status feedback,  allows you to create affiliate links quickly and easily, generates powerful exportable data;
  • MUSO – Industry-leading anti-piracy platform that scans the web to identify sites where your product can be downloaded for free– potentially illegally; ability to remove files from illegal sellers.
  • EditionGuard –  A DRM server that houses your titles, with a single uploadthey are immediately encrypted with industry standard eBook DRM security, easily download approved DRM protected files for use on your own website.

*For additional fees