Retail Marketing

INscribe Digital leverages strong industry partnerships to drive sales and awareness of your titles and authors in the digital marketplace.

Our close retail relationships help us identify sales and marketing opportunities for our clients and have resulted in consistent success with placement and retailer support.

INscribe Digital’s marketing provides:

  • Access to merchandisers at major retailers and seasonal pitches of frontlist, backlist and new release promotions.
  • Increased support through social media channels.
  • Consultation as needed on publishing strategy and future growth, and support through retailer outreach.

Pricing Management

Our team has expertise in helping clients to evaluate pricing strategies including the appropriate use of “Free” eBooks, value offerings and promotional strategies.

Pre-order Management

We know that pre-order is a tremendous advantage for large publishers, and it can be for our clients as well! We can get your titles up for pre-order as far as a year in advance at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo without requiring a file. Start gathering sales well in advance of your title’s release!

Marketing Services Partners*

We connect you with trusted partners for additional services, including:

  • NetGalley – Access to NetGalley at discounted rates.
  • Monthly packages for search engine marketing, Facebook advertising, display ads, conversion tracking, and reporting with Formic Media.
  • Scalable media plans running from single titles to full publisher campaigns.
  • Publicity consulting with an expert from READ!
  • The industry-leading piracy platform MUSO scans the web to identify sites where your product can be downloaded for free (credit lopez). Through the MUSO user interface, you select the files that you want to be removed.
  • EditionGuard provides you with access to the industry standard eBook DRM security without the costly capital investment of purchasing a DRM server. Upload your titles once and they are immediately encrypted and stored on the EditionGuard DRM server. Once protected, you approve titles for download and host DRM protected titles on your own website.

*For additional fees